Namrata Purohit Gets Candid About Fitness, Technology & What Makes Millennials Tick

From being the youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor in the world at 16 to co-founding her own studio with dad Samir Purohit and becoming a trusted celebrity trainer to almost all of Bollywood, Namrata Purohit dons many hats. 

“It’s the little things that count,” states the young Pilates expert a few minutes into the conversation. We met her at the launch of the latest branch of her fitness venture, The Pilates Studio in Gurgaon. A sprawling space with high-tech gear and professional instructors, The Pilates Studio is a great addition for fitness enthusiasts in the city. Candid and full of energy, the celebrity trainer and expert shares her views on health, the millennial mindset, and everything in between.

Image Credits: The Pilates Studio
Image Credits: The Pilates Studio

Luxeva: In millennials, the shift from traditional gyms to fitness studios is apparent, with them gravitating toward customised classes involving boxing, group training, pilates, and more. What do you make of this shift and how do you think millennials see fitness?

Namrata Purohit: “I think, more than anything, the idea of fitness has changed over the years. Earlier people would work out only if they had to lose weight, but now there are more people who genuinely want to get fit, and by fit, I mean strong and flexible. Millennials see fitness unlike ever before; they think it's a great way to meet people and interact with them. Then there’s also the shift towards mind and body form exercises. It’s a great way to connect with not only your physical self but also your inner, deeper self, especially in a world where everyone is stressed out and always on the go. Nowadays, people prioritize taking out that one hour where they can unwind and relax, but in a strengthening manner.”

Luxeva: Do you think the mindset of the younger generation in Delhi is different from the other places you’ve been to?

Namrata Purohit: “I don’t think it’s very different. Of course, Delhi has a lot of exposure; people are well travelled, and they are more aware of what’s happening in the different parts of the world and the country. From our experience at the Defence Colony studio, I can tell that the younger lot are certainly enjoying fitness. There’s a waiting list of people wanting to join, which also becomes a factor in us wanting to do more as a team so that no one feels left out. After all, the ultimate aim is to make sure that the maximum number of people benefit. I would say that Delhi is definitely an emerging market for fitness and this is just the beginning—there’s a long way to go.”

Luxeva: Wearable technology now plays a key role in our fitness lives. How do you feel technology has evolved or changed the way we look at fitness today?

Namrata Purohit: “I think life has just evolved. Earlier physical activity used to be a part of our life, be it tilling or farming or taking out water from the well, pottery or even household chores, there were so many physical things that kept us fit. With industrialisation, things became more ‘behind the desktop’. You are working for hours and sometimes you just tend to forget that it’s time to move. What was once a normal part of life now isn’t, so we need to remind ourselves to do that. And technology can be a boon in that sense. The move goals and targets of wearable technology can definitely push people to achieve more and challenge one another where required. It’s a good move, especially if you are somebody who needs that little bit of a push.”

Luxeva: How would you describe Pilates to someone who is new to it? And are there some things that people should definitely know?

Namrata Purohit: “There’s this huge misconception that it's only for women when, in fact, Pilates was started by a man named Joseph Pilates for men at war. It was later transformed for ballet and contemporary dancers. Men all over the world are doing Pilates now and, I’m seeing the trend catching up in India as well. Pilates helps you build your strength and flexibility while improving your endurance, your stability, and mind and body connection.”

Luxeva: To someone who wants to get into fitness but isn’t sure how to begin, what would your suggestions be?

Namrata Purohit: “I think we can always take out the time. Whether it’s 20 minutes or 30 minutes, there is always something you can do. Break it up, take out 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before sleeping. It’s all about putting in small things during the day—whether it's climbing up the stairs or correcting your posture while sitting at your desk, small things make a huge difference.”

Luxeva: What do you make of the culture of detoxing that’s on the rise?

Namrata Purohit: “I think it’s possible for one to be clean throughout the year, but if you’ve binged, there are ways to detox, and it’s always good to cleanse the body every once in a while. Having said that, I do not believe in drastic diets or complete cut-outs. I strongly feel that everything has to be gradual, and that being healthy is a way of life.”

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