Artisanal Ice-Creams in Mumbai That Are Both Healthy And Indulgent

Summer is officially over, but our ice-cream cravings prevail strong. Come rain or hail, ice-creams remain a universal favourite. Maybe it has something to do with us becoming kids all over again when handed a cone. But kids no more, adulting implies that we now have sugar and calorie intakes to worry about and our health to maintain. Striking a balance between the two are these new healthy artisanal ice-creams that have exploded in the city. These are packed with the goodness of proteins and prebiotic fibres, and have low sugar and fat. Meant for guilt-free indulgence, you can now have tubs of these while binge-watching your favourite shows on a Saturday, or drown your heart-break sorrows in a tub without the nagging guilt. 

If you are looking to restock your freezer, might we suggest you give your mass-manufactured ice-creams a miss, and try these brands that promise you some very exciting flavours instead?


For those of you who don't know, Noto is a small town in Sicily, Italy. And Varun and Ashni Sheth’s brand is named after the city that is famed for its delicious and creamy ice-cream. The duo noted a shift in the consumption pattern with everyone becoming conscious and mindful of what they consume. “Diets are no longer just a fad and people want to eat clean and healthy,” says Ashni Sheth. “Having said that, as Indians we love our sweets and ice-creams. We thought why not have a product that is both indulgent yet healthy?” A trend that has been on the upswing in the West, the duo felt that it was time the Indian market was introduced to healthy desserts. “We started eight months ago, and Varun spent a lot of time with a food technologist from the UK [United Kingdom] and India to develop the recipe and get it right. It took us months to finalise on the flavors and right formulation until we were finally happy.”

What’s Their USP: You no longer have to watch every spoonful of decadent ice-cream you indulge in. Low in calories, each Noto tub has only 75-95 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 75 percent less sugar than regular ice-creams. It is also packed with protein and a healthy helping of prebiotic fibres that are good for the gut. “That it tastes like regular ice-cream is something we've taken a lot of effort to get right. We've gone out of the way to ensure Noto tastes just as creamy and delicious,” says Sheth.

What Are Their Signature Flavours: Their favoured flavours are classics such as Dark Chocolate, Mocha Choco-Chip, and Salted Caramel. “People are also loving the Spicy Pink Guava because it has a sprinkle of chili powder in it. The sweet and spicy combination offers a good kick.” They are also working on fun and exciting flavors for the upcoming festive season. “Don't want to reveal much, but it's going to really be a guilt-free indulgence.” 

Where Can You Find Them: “We're currently available at 45 locations in the city, and we're also servicing via Swiggy in 5-6 locations,” says Sheth. If you reside in areas like South Mumbai, Worli, Matunga, Bandra, and Andheri, you can help yourself to Noto. The brand plans to expand pan-Mumbai very soon.  

Image Courtesy: Noto
Image Courtesy: Noto

Bono Boutique Ice-Cream

With outlets in Bandra and Kemps Corner, Bono boutique ice-cream is founded by Alyssa Chesson who studied at Le Cordon Bleu. Run along with her sister Nicole, Bono is where ice-cream gets experimental and reinvented into scoops of unheard flavours. Serving rich and delicious ice-creams, the duo also runs Caramel Carousel that specialises in Profiteroles and the Croquembouche Tower.

What’s Their USP: Bono is an antidote for run-of-the-mill ice-cream flavours. Their offerings are experimental, and they are known to transform savoury flavours into delicious desserts.

What Are Their Signature Flavours: Try their Dark Chocolate Italian Truffle Oil, Blue Cheese Honey, and Milk Chocolate Bacon if you wish to surprise and confuse your tastebuds.

Where Can You Find Them: While you can make a pitstop at their shop in Bandra and Kemps Corner. You can also call for their ice-cream via Swiggy and Sccotsy. They deliver anywhere from South Mumbai to Juhu.

Address: Shop No:3, Savia Building, Rebello Road, Off, Doctor Peter Dias Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Opening Hours: 11 am to 12 am
Contact: 09819758593

Address: Kemps Corner Flyover, Babulnath, Papanas Wadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026
Opening Hours: 11 am to 12 am
Contact: 022 23801515

Image Courtesy: Bono
Image Courtesy: Bono

Good Fettle

No matter how healthy we try and eat, when it comes to dessert, all rules go out the window. Good Fettle was the result of one such moment when co-founders and cousins Akhil and Ayush Gupta were having a post-dinner conversation about fitness over a bowl of ice-cream. Ironically, this was their eureka moment. “Ice-creams are the most popular desserts statistically, not just in India but also globally. It is almost unfair that the most loved treat in the whole world is so unhealthy. We wanted to change that,” says Ayush Gupta. “We ordered an ice-cream maker online and started looking up recipes on youtube. After six months of experiments, a few kitchen blasts, countless emotions, and donating hundreds of litres of experimental ice-cream, the perfect product was achieved and Good Fettle was finally born.”

What’s Their USP: A Good Fettle tub has only 60-70 calories per serving while traditional ice cream has 250-300 calories going all the way to even 900. “We have made a conscious effort to drastically reduce the amount of sugar an ice-cream typically has from 20 grams per cup to merely 3 to 5 grams in our tubs without using artificial sweeteners. We add small quantities of organic cane sugar in our ice-creams,” says Gupta. For people following a keto diet, their net carbs per tub is no more than 9 grams, while the fat percentage is as low as 1 percent. “We have infused 3x prebiotic fiber in our tubs. This aids in digestion and also helps strengthen your gut.” The duo has achieved all this by using only natural and organic flavours.

What Are Their Signature Flavours: “Contrary to popular belief, we believe that complicated or uncommon flavors actually are only appealing to customers once they are familiar and have confidence in a brand. We stuck with the most loved flavours to evoke a sense of familiarity in a person’s mind when they see our product on a shelf,” says Gupta. Try their Creamy Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate. While the prior has fresh strawberry pieces and seeds the customers love, their cocoa and dark chocolate pellets are sourced from Belgium. “We are the first brand to use these high-quality international flavours in commercial ice-cream.” The duo is already brainstorming on new offerings to keep our palate titillated. “We are experimenting with unconventional flavours and looking to explore the possibility of savory ice-creams.” They are also attempting to create a line for people with specific diets and medical conditions. After All, ice-cream should be enjoyed by all. 

Where Can You Find Them: You can get your scoop of Good Fettle at Nature’s Basket and Noble Plus pharmacies among other stores in Mumbai. “Our ice-creams are also available on online delivery platforms like Scootsy and Swiggy in a limited radius,” says Gupta. You can also order via their Instagram page. “We have just signed a contract with one of the biggest national retailers in India, and through them, we will be expanding to two cities this month. Apart from this, we will be taking our presence to a total of six more cities in our country by the end of the year.” Here’s to enjoying a good pint pan-India.

Image Courtesy: Good Fettle
Image Courtesy: Good Fettle


Guilt-free, Get-A-Whey ice-creams are low fat, have no added sugar, and are high in protein as the name suggests. Each 100 grams tub is power-packed with 12.5 grams of protein and just 7 grams of fat.

What’s Their USP: With a tagline that reads ‘The Healthy Ice-cream’, it is exactly that. The ice-cream is high in protein, but without compromising on the taste and texture of the ice-cream. 

What Are Their Signature Flavours: Their classic flavours such as Salted Caramel and Belgian Chocolate are the bestsellers. They have recently added Coffee Roasted Almond to their roster that promises to be decadent in taste, but not in calories. 

Where Can You Find Them: Get-A-Whey is available across several stores in Mumbai, and you can also place an order via their website. It is also available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagpur, Pune, and Surat.

Image Courtesy: Get-A-Whey
Image Courtesy: Get-A-Whey

Featured Image: Unsplash

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