Anavila Is Spreading Joy This Festive Season With Her New Collection

India is multicultural and diverse but the one thing that unifies Indians is their rambunctious festive and celebratory spirit. The changing season beckons the onset of festivities that have begun with Ganesh Chaturthi leading all the way up to NYE. 

Anavila, renowned for creating designs that are rooted in Indian ethos and are crafted using diaphanous drapes and airy, earthy fabrics, is ushering the revelries and taking inspiration from it for her Festive collection called Joy: an emotion that summaries the celebrations. The line-up features breathable linens and linen-silk blends that have been translated into humble silhouettes of kurtas and saris. With just a hint of zari, the pieces are rendered in sunrise hues of brick, peach, and blush, transitioning into sunset hues of fiery red and cinnamon.

Her breathtaking campaign is set against the backdrop of pristine Ladakh that further complements the exquisite weaves in the collection. Here, Anavila divulges details about Joy, how she translated the feeling into her designs through intimate details, her love for Ladakh, and her favourite festive memories.

Image Courtesy: Anavila
Image Courtesy: Anavila

Luxeva: Your A/W 2019 collection is called Joy. Tell us a little about it?

Anavila Misra: “To me, festivals represent joy. A feeling of warmth, satisfaction, and much-deserved time off from work. The concept of getting dressed for festivals is tinged with symbolism and wearing new clothes is a way to usher in the good times. For Festive 2019, our inspiration is the utmost feeling of joy that fills this season.”


Luxeva: How have you translated the theme into the collection in terms of the silhouettes, colours, and fabrics?

Anavila Misra: “The collection conveys heartfelt stories with an amalgamation of beautiful aesthetics, nuanced details, and individualistic style. Representing this exuberant spirit are gorgeous tunics, exquisite blouses, elegant trousers, and zari-detailed saris in a mix of plaids, stripes, and solids. At its heart, the line encompasses breathable linens that have been blended with silks and zari to create festive-ready ensembles. The colour palette includes a mélange of stunning hues—pretty blushes, statement bricks, lovely peaches, cardamom, and Ladakh blues transitioning to fiery reds, cinnamon, and curry leaf greens with accents of gold or silver accentuating the patterns. The wide spectrum of kaftan-like silhouettes in both shirts and blouses lend an air of sophistication and comfort.”

Image Courtesy: Anavila
Image Courtesy: Anavila

Luxeva: Since the collection symbolises festivities, how do you think festive wear has evolved over the years? 

Anavila Misra: “Festive clothing now has a very individualistic approach. Women prefer comfortable clothing on special occasions so they can truly enjoy these moments with ease. My collection encompasses that, but being festive, the garments also have a hint of sheen in terms of zari and intricate detailing.”


Luxeva: You are synonymous with your drapes. How have you rendered them in this collection?

Anavila Misra: “For this collection, we have worked on saris that have longer pallus and shoulder knots. The thought behind this was to keep the saris flowy so they do not restrict your mobility and at the same point offer better control to the wearer.”


Luxeva: Any new and innovative techniques and silhouettes that have been highlighted in the collection? 

Anavila Misra: “The ‘Nova'  tunic is a modern take on the Indian kurta. The ‘Nova’ silhouette with the salwar and zari-detailed dupatta is a must-have for this festive wardrobe. Another one is the salwar. Growing up, my sister and I have fond memories of getting our clothes stitched from the local tailor. The ‘poncha’ of the salwar always varied from narrow to very wide depending on what was in trend then. We have recreated the salwar, with beautiful pleats at the waist and charming detailing at the hem. We have also introduced the kaftan, a new blouse silhouette that includes a soft layer of organza on linen, making it both comfortable and chic at the same time.

The motifs for this collection have been developed through collaborative workshops with the artisans from Jharkhand. Since they live close to nature, we worked on motifs that represent their everyday life, cultural stories, and past references. For example, the bird motif which we developed is from a Santhal Folklore, and it signifies that the first woman and man originated from a bird called ‘Sirali.’ The Sheesham tree is one that is close to me from my childhood which also resonated with the artisans, and we developed it into a soft botanical motif for our yokes.”

Image Courtesy: Anavila
Image Courtesy: Anavila

Luxeva: You shot the campaign in Ladakh. Has the beautiful land served as an inspiration?

Anavila Misra: “Our collection is called Joy. Ladakh for me is the epitome of it in so many ways. It's a place truly blessed with natural beauty. The starkness you find is completely breathtaking and it served as a strong background for our shoot. The beautiful monasteries scattered in the vast mountain terrain are like hints of colour on stark landscape; the warm friendly people and the feeling of brotherhood keep them going in the tough times. I think I found true joy in that place.”


Luxeva: Since the collection is all about festivities, do you have a favourite festival or tradition that you love celebrating? 

Anavila Misra: “I love Diwali! The thought of it itself makes me very happy. The preparations for Diwali start a month in advance to welcome the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. The house is cleaned completely and decorated with rangoli, lighting, diyas, and candles. New clothes are bought and sweets are prepared to be shared with loved ones, neighbours, and staff. It is so beautiful and symbolic.”

Image Courtesy: Anavila
Image Courtesy: Anavila

Luxeva: Have you incorporated any festive memories from your childhood or otherwise into the collection as elements?

Anavila Misra: “The salwar for our ‘Nova’ tunic and the motifs of Sheesham and flowers are something that we have recreated from my childhood memories.”  


Luxeva: Anything exciting in the pipeline that you are working on?

Anavila Misra: “We are working on our spring-summer line and developing some beautiful textiles for it.”

Image Courtesy: Anavila
Image Courtesy: Anavila

Featured image: Anavila

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