Clove Presents An Exciting Three-Way Collaboration With Ikkis and Abraham And Thakore

Collaborations are the currency of now. An amalgamation of individual sensibilities to craft unique products, it is a process that is in equal parts challenging for the collaborators involved as it is thrilling for the consumers. And while collaborations in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle remain fairly commonplace, it is the atypical combination of collaborators and cross-collaborations between these disciplinaries that add value to an association.

One such collaboration set to unfold this week, and one that we are eagerly anticipating is a three-way collab called Elements between lifestyle store Clove by Samuykta Nair, designers Abraham & Thakore, and home decor brand Ikkis by Gunjan Gupta.

Elements will bring together the cultural creativity of Ikkis by unveiling its 21-piece product line and the minimal design language of designers Abraham and Thakore via their 12-piece capsule collection that draws inspiration from Gupta’s brand. An ode to everyday India, the concept developed by Nair revolves around taking something that is inherently Indian and giving it a contemporary turn while highlighting Indian craftsmanship.

Image Courtesy: Clove
Image Courtesy: Clove

Ikkis by Gunjan Gupta

Ikkis is the creative concept of Gunjan Gupta whose brand is a collection of ikkis (21) utilitarian items that highlight ordinary Indian household objects, transcending them beyond the mundane by giving them a contemporary makeover. Catering to a global audience, you will see silhouettes such as the ubiquitous cutting-chai glass or the balti (bucket) transformed into highly functional objects such as champagne flutes and vases. Bringing Indian materials and techniques to the fore, these are handcrafted in unusual material compositions of terracotta, copper, marble, and brass. Having showcased her collection at Masion et Objet in Paris earlier this year, Ikkis is retailing in India at Clove exclusively.

We speak with Gupta of Ikkis about this collaboration and on her unusual concept.

Luxeva: How has it been collaborating with Clove and being part of an edit with Abraham & Thakore?

Gunjan Gupta: “It’s really exciting to be presenting Ikkis in collaboration with a strong brand like Abraham and Thakore that I have always admired for its refined approach to fashion and Indian textiles. The designs are well researched and distill the essence of ‘made in India’ for modern Indian women with the perfect balance. The idea of pairing fashion and product is the genius of Samyukta Nair and just the perfect introduction for Ikkis at the beautiful Clove.” 

Image Courtesy: Clove
Image Courtesy: Clove

Luxeva: How did the unique concept of Ikkis emerge?

Gunjan Gupta: “I have been nurturing Ikkis for a while as an extension of my collectible design practice. It is a way of highlighting Indian materials and techniques through highly functional objects that are easy and affordable to a wider audience in India and abroad.” 


Luxeva: You showcased at Maison et Objet in Paris earlier this earlier. How was your experience and what was the response like?

Gunjan Gupta: “Maison et Objet has long sustained its reputation as the world's leading trade fair for design objects and lives up to its name for us. It was an incredible experience where we got the chance to test the cultural appeal of the products against an international audience, and are glad to share that Ikkis was much-appreciated and is now available at leading concept stores across the world in Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia. We were also listed as part of editorial selections from the fair by leading design publications that added to the overall success of our debut.” 

Abraham and Thakore

Abraham & Thakore need no introduction. Revered for their distinctive and minimal designs, the duo has revolutionised sustainable fashion in India for over two decades. For this collaboration, the duo has lent their signature aesthetic and language to create a capsule collection of 12 pieces (inverse of 21) that complement and enhance Ikkis’ collection. The designers have used handspun and handwoven khadi as the base, highlighting craftsmanship through the drapes and through the use of hand-carved block printing. Featuring tunics, shirts, trousers, and kurtas, their collection is rendered in a tranquil palette of ecru and ebony to complement the soothing design language of Ikkis.

Image Courtesy: Abraham & Thakore
Image Courtesy: Abraham & Thakore

Luxeva: What drew you to this collaborative project with Clove and Ikkis?

Abraham and Thakore: “We believe in the relevance of the design approach of Ikkis and are keen to explore the synergy that Clove brings to this collaboration in its exploration of a contemporary Indian design vocabulary.”


Luxeva: How have you combined the Abraham & Thakore aesthetic with that of Ikkis?

Abraham and Thakore: “A&T and Ikkis are both exploring the design language of tradition and modernity in different areas, different materials yet with a common goal of taking the design language of modern India into newer spaces.”

Image Courtesy: Clove
Image Courtesy: Clove

Luxeva: What can we expect from the pieces that are a part of this edit? Any signature A&T elements we can look out for?  

Abraham and Thakore: “In our collection of 12 pieces, which are for customers to order from, we look at the quintessential Indian fabric, khadi, and play with traditional hand block-printing to create strong graphics using the traditional India kurta silhouette as a starting point for the inspiration. The A&T sensibility of strong black and white patterns combined with a twist on traditional silhouettes is very much in evidence.”

Clove by Samyukta Nair

The cosy nook in Colaba known for its unique curation of homegrown fashion and lifestyle brands, Clove by Samyukta Nair, is partaking in a larger dialogue surrounding contemporary Indian design with this seamless collaboration. Having just concluded its previous collaboration with Colombo-based store PR Sri Lanka, we speak with Nair about the concept and thought process behind this collaboration.

Image Courtesy: Clove
Image Courtesy: Clove

Luxeva: Why Ikkis and Abraham & Thakore? Where did the idea for Elements come from? 

Samyukta Nair:Elements is a rendition of Indian craftsmanship in the 21st century and is our attempt to showcase a unified global aesthetic. The starting point was Ikkis’ idea of 21st century India: contemporary design that is global yet culturally laden with values. Abraham & Thakore, the original minimalists, have thrown the spotlight on Indian crafts with a sense of function for years. As we launched Ikkis at Clove and India, post their debut at Maison, the idea was to showcase a limited capsule collection by Abraham & Thakore that put forward a unified design language: one that is inherently Indian in its element but global in nature to be worn and used anywhere in the world.”


Luxeva: What is your aim with this collaboration?

Samyukta Nair: “In a world where ornamentation of products often takes away from superior craftsmanship and everyday usability, this collaboration presents the India that is globally relevant: recognised for her rich craft traditions rooted in culture and everyday nuance; a 21st-century point of view that is as valid in India as it is in any other part of the world. These collectible pieces exist in harmony with the world, in a mindful choice of material and aesthetic.”

You can shop the edit at the Clove store starting tomorrow. 

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Featured image: Clove

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