This Just In: The Newly Unveiled Apple iPhone 11 Pro Is Triggering Trypophobia In Many

Product launches by Apple are a huge deal, and there is no denying it. Adding to an extensive array of gadgets, the brand's latest one was unveiled on Tuesday and as expected, it created quite a stir. This time around, however, the tech giant's latest product, the iPhone 11 Pro, is making headlines for reasons that are new and perhaps unknown to many.

Image Courtesy: Apple Tech IG on Instagram
Image Courtesy: Apple Tech IG on Instagram

Right after the launch, several users took to Twitter to cite their displeasure at iPhone 11 Pro's camera design, which showcases a number of lenses to fulfill its different and distinct features such as background elimination, wide-angle shots and more. The issue? The very compact lens placement has triggered Trypophobia in many. Though not acknowledged as a distinct condition, Trypophobia refers to the fear or revulsion of clusters of small holes, as per reports.

As puts it, "Trypophobia is an intense emotional reaction to clustered patterns of holes or bumps." Studies also indicate that it could lead to panic attacks, giddiness, and a feeling of discomfort if you happen to be prone to it.

Image Courtesy: Filup on Instagram
Image Courtesy: Filup on Instagram

Of course, its debatable status in medical science doesn't automatically stop the uncomfortable feeling that people get whilst looking at the visuals. Needless to say, the new lens design led to Twitter having thoughts in plenty. 

The launch, as we stated earlier, follows the brand's tradition of unveiling a new model every year. Over time, Apple has rapidly evolved and changed its tech features as well as its design philosophy, the latter notably being founder Steve Jobs' forte. The visual glitch aside, will the new iPhone live up to its pre-launch hype? We will have to wait to find out.

Featured image: Filip on Instagram

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