Rhea Kapoor On Championing Fashion’s Celebration Of Real Women

Rhea Kapoor elevated the style game in Bollywood when she joined the industry. Suddenly red carpet appearances became momentous, and styling in films took a turn for the better. Case in point: Aisha and Veere di Wedding. Together with sister Sonam, the Kapoor duo have created several noteworthy fashion moments over the last few years.

Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor
Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor

A gamechanger in the real sense of the word, Kapoor recently teamed up with friend and celebrity chef Pooja Dhingra on the Doers Club. An experiential platform by Dewar’s, it entails a series of pop-ups across India that will team a chef and a food enthusiast together to reinforce the power of two. When it comes to Rhea Kapoor, two is definitely better than one: whether paired with sister Sonam or in this case, with Dhingra. 

Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor
Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor

We met with Kapoor at Soho House, whiskey in hand, breaking notions that women don’t drink whiskey, as she spoke to us about fashion embracing real women, and her love for eggs.

Luxeva: Tell us about your association with The Doers Club?

Rhea Kapoor: “The Doers club brings together people that normally would not work together, and in an environment that is fun, interactive, and includes drinks. We just wanted to break the stereotype that scotch is a man's drink. The reality is different.”


Luxeva: Are you a whiskey enthusiast? What's your drink of choice?

Rhea Kapoor: “Yes, I enjoy a good whiskey.  I like an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan.”

Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor
Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor

Luxeva: Given the competitive nature of celebrity styling, how do you stay ahead of the curve?

Rhea Kapoor: “I think the most important thing is that one should love what they do. Creative people have a shorter attention span, so one has to keep reinventing themselves which comes with being interested and curious about the business that you're in, and what you do. If you are not curious, you will find yourself feeling stagnated.”


Luxeva: A trend in the fashion and food industry that you are championing?

Rhea Kapoor: “I love that we are celebrating a woman's body with all her curves. It is a trend that will never fade. When it comes to food, putting an egg on everything is my absolute favourite. What I can't stand though is truffle oil.”

Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor
Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor

Luxeva: Do you ever look back at your work and think that you could have done better?

Rhea Kapoor: “I have so many movies where I feel like I could have done better. I think every creative person feels that way. The important thing is that you enjoy the process and have fun while you are working on it.”


Luxeva: Tell us one misconception that people have about you, your profession, and the life you lead?

Rhea Kapoor: “One misconception most people have about me, maybe because I like clothes and fashion, is that I am all about appearances. Or that I am a brat. I am really not that much of a brat.”

Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor
Image Courtesy: Rhea Kapoor

Luxeva: A show you're currently binge-watching?

Rhea Kapoor: “I am obsessed with Fleabag right now.”


Luxeva: Where would we find you at a party?

Rhea Kapoor: “At the bar.”


Luxeva:  What does luxury mean to you?

Rhea Kapoor: “Being able to do everything on your own time and in your own way.”

Featured Image: Rhea Kapoor on Instagram

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