From Romantic To Rock, Here Are 30+ Wedding Songs For Your First Dance

The perfect song may not exist, but for your wedding and specifically your first dance, you should want no less than perfect. So how to find the perfect track to sway with your partner to? To lessen your wedding woes a little, we bring to you genres that you could add to your wedding playlist; from popular recent songs to rock (yes, rock!) classics and many more offerings that make for amazing choices, here are more than 30  songs you can look at when it comes to listing down romantic wedding songs. Read on. 


There is no going wrong with classics. Timeless and exuding a distinct appeal, they work every single time. But then, classics are called so for a reason, amirite? When looking for romantic songs for a wedding, there are a number of old tunes that you can rely on—from John Lennon’s unparalleled appeal to Frank Sinatra crooning. These top the list of English wedding songs, because classics are the ultimate treasure trove. Can’t get decided on which one to use as your wedding song? We got you covered. Here’s taking a look at the old classics that make for the most romantic songs for a wedding. 

1. Can’t Help Falling In Love

Who could ever forget 'The King of Rock and Roll' crooning a romantic love song? Listen to it for yourself and you won't be able to resist adding it to your list right away!

Recorded in: 1961
Written by: Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss 
Artist: Elvis Presley

2. All You Need Is Love

It goes without saying—The Beatles never go out of style and neither do the timeless songs by them. Case in point, this classic that's all about love and hence, ideal for your wedding. 

Recorded in: 1967
Written by: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Artist: The Beatles

3. I Saw Her Standing There

Just one song by The Beatles doesn't cut it, especially if you are bent on finding the best English wedding songs. But hey, we got you covered!

Recorded in: 1963
Written by: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Artist: The Beatles

4. Strangers In The Night

Frank Sinatra's age-old classic continues to be a hit, especially in terms of wedding songs. Looking for that one romantic song that will sweep you away? It's this. 

Recorded in: 1966
Written by: Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder
Artist: Frank Sinatra

5. Happy Together

With a happy beat to it (no surprises there), this classic single by The Turtles is a popular choice for romantic wedding songs. 

Recorded in: 1967
Written by: Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon
Artist: The Turtles

6. Let's Fall In Love

We can bet you wouldn't be able to resist dancing for the first time as a couple to Ella Fitzgerald's unparalleled tunes. 

Recorded in: 1933
Written by: Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler 
Artist: Ella Fitzgerald

7. Anyone Who Knows What Love Is

If you are wondering where you have heard this familiar song, it's in one of the episodes of the popular series 'The Crown'. A timeless classic, it makes for an ideal pick for a romantic wedding song. 

Recorded in: 1964
Written by: Jeannie Seely and Randy Newman
Artist: Irma Thomas

8. The Way You Look Tonight

Another gem by Frank Sinatra. Need we say more? 

Recorded in: 1936
Written by: Dorothy Fields and Jerome Kern
Artist: Frank Sinatra


English rock may not be everyone’s cup of tea but trust us when we say that the genre makes for one of the best wedding songs in English, especially if you are not someone who adheres to the convention. How to make a list of English wedding songs from the genre? Delve into the bands that will have you (and your guests) grooving, as you take stalwarts such as AC/DC, Queen, David Bowie, Rolling Stones and Guns N' Roses into account. And don’t you worry; there are endless options to look at, we promise! Here are the top tunes in rock that could very well qualify as wedding songs. 

9. Don't Stop Me Now

If you happen to be a Queen fan, you will need no convincing; Freddie Mercury's vocals are bound to light up the dance floor. 

Recorded in: 1978
Written by: Freddie Mercury
Artist: Queen

10. Back In Black

An unconventional choice for those who don't give in to the norms, AC/DC's thrilling pick makes for a fun, edgy pick for a wedding song. 

Recorded in: 1980
Written by: AC/DC
Artist: AC/DC

11. Sweet Child O' Mine

A classic by Guns N' Roses, this one definitely ought to be on your list. 

Recorded in: 1987
Written by: Guns N' Roses
Artist: Guns N' Roses

12. She's A Rainbow

A fan of psychedelic rock? If yes, this Rolling Stones single is definitely up your alley!

Recorded in: 1967
Written by: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
Artist: Rolling Stones

13. Rebel Rebel

Produced in 1974, this hit single by none other than David Bowie continues to charm. 

Recorded in: 1974
Written by: David Bowie
Artist: David Bowie

14. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Because just one single by Queen isn't enough!

Recorded in: 1979
Written by: Freddie Mercury
Artist: Queen


With bands and individuals such as The Weeknd and Ariel Pink topping the charts, there is no reason for you to not indulge in pop choices when looking for fun yet romantic songs for a wedding. Not particularly a fan of commercial pop music? Take a look at soul-pop (we are looking at you, John Legend), something that will definitely end up on the top of your list of English wedding songs. So sit back, and go through the multiple options we have for you in pop music and you will not be disappointed!

15. Feels Like Heaven

Delve into light-hearted pop with this Ariel Pink pick, one that makes for a perfect pick for a wedding song.

Recorded in: 2017
Written by: Ariel Pink
Artist: Ariel Pink

16. Come On Eileen

An old classic that has been featured in some of your favourite films (The Perks of Being A Wallflower, for one), this one is definitely bound to make everyone join you on the dance floor. 

Recorded in: 1982
Written by: Dexys Midnight Runners and the Emerald Express
Artist: Dexys Midnight Runners

17. Shape Of You 

A recent hit that refuses to leave our collective minds, this Ed Sheeran single asks for some serious consideration when it comes to picking romantic wedding songs. 

Recorded in: 2017
Written by: Ed Sheeran
Artist: Ed Sheeran

18. All Of Me

This all-time popular John Legend song requires no introduction!

Recorded in: 2013
Written by: John Legend
Artist: John Legend

19. Can't Stop The Feeling

Fun and apt, this could definitely make it to your list of wedding songs, amirite?

Recorded in: 2016
Written by: Justin Timberlake
Artist: Justin Timberlake

20. I Feel It Coming

Collaborations are irresistible, especially if they highlight some of the best artists of our time.  

Recorded in: 2016
Written by: The Weeknd, Daft Punk, Doc McKinney, Cirkut and Eric Chedeville
Artist: The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk

Soft Rock

Derived, as the name suggests, from rock music, soft rock refers to smooth versions that gained popularity in the 1970s, as artists such as Elvis Presley showed an inclination towards melodies that were rock-oriented but evolved from the genre rather than being a direct interpretation of it. By the '90s, soft rock had caught up, making waves in the music scene. If a distinctive melody is on the charts as a wedding song for you, there are a number of options you can choose from in the soft-rock genre. Catch up, as you delve into the soft-rock tunes that make for great wedding songs in English.

21. Thank You For Loving Me

Nothing like a Bon Jovi number to get you in the mood for some dancing!

Recorded in: 2000
Written by: Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Mac and Wayne Hector
Artist: Bon Jovi

22. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Or one from Elton John, to be honest. 

Recorded in: 1994
Written by: Tim Rice
Artist: Elton John

23. Best Day Of My Life

There is a slight chance you may not have heard of this low-key band, but trust us when we say that they will make it to the top of the list of wedding songs you are considering for your big day. 

Recorded in: 2013
Written by: Zac Barnett, Dave Rublin, Matt Sanchez, James Adam Shelley
Artist: American Authors

24. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Do you remember the '90s, when Bryan Adams' concerts were all the rage? Once you play it for yourself, you will see the reason why. 

Recorded in: 1991
Written by: Adams, Michael Kamen and Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Artist: Bryan Adams

25. Just the Way You Are

Nicknamed the 'Piano Man', Billy Joel's expertise requires no introduction. If a romantic wedding song is what you seek, you are sure to find it. 

Recorded in: 1977
Written by: Billy Joel 
Artist: Billy Joel 


Not a genre, but if you are having difficulty picking the ideal song, it’s best to pick one without getting into the complexities such as genre or other details. Like a song you once heard at a party and can’t get it out of your head? Go for it. Wish to go a little off-route with a rap instead? It’s time to make it happen! From songs that remind you of time spent together to romantic songs for a wedding that you have always wanted to be included, there is no dearth of options when looking at wedding songs in English. So without further ado, take a peek at the list of songs that are cool, fun and are bound to put you in a happy place + also get your guests grooving! Are you ready? 

26. Magic

Hands down an uncontested pick, this Coldplay single from not so long ago could make for a romantic pick for your wedding.

Recorded in: 2014
Written by:  Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin
Artist: Coldplay

27. Girls Like You 

Featuring a number of artists from across the globe, this single ought to be on your list of wedding songs.

Recorded in: 2017
Written by:  Adam Levine, Cirkut, Cardi B, Starrah, Jason Evigan and Gian Stone
Artist: Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B

28. Just The Way You Are

A Bruno Mars single for the win!

Recorded in: 2010
Written by: Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Khalil Walton and Needlz 
Artist: Bruno Mars

29. I Don't Know What Love Is

Trust us when we say it: we don't really need to tell you how romantic (and wedding savvy) this popular song from 'A Star Is Born' is. 

Recorded in: 2018
Written by: Lady Gaga
Artist: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

30. My Funny Valentine

An Ella Fitzgerald classic, this ought to be on your list of romantic wedding songs. 

Recorded in: 1937
Written by: Ella Fitzgerald
Artist: Lorenz Hart 

31. It's A Wonderful Time For Love

Add some (or in particular, this) Norah Jones tunes to your wedding playlist; you will not be disappointed.

Recorded in: 2016
Written by: Norah Jones
Artist: Norah Jones

32. A Look Of Love

A fun single that makes for an uber-cool and yet romantic wedding song, this Diana Krall number is worth adding to your wedding playlist. 

Recorded in: 2001
Written by: Diana Krall
Artist: Diana Krall

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