Three Experts Tell Us About The A-Z Of Wedding Jewellery

Shopping for jewellery, whether you are a wedding guest or the bride-to-be, is no easy feat. Add to that the complexities of styling it right, teaming it smartly with your wedding ensemble and the wrong move could be a recipe for disaster. So what do you do when you are unsure of how to get it just right for the big season? We spoke to three experts—Ageerika Hari of Vaitaannika, Renu Oberoi, and Confluence by Swarovski to get their insights on the basic do's and don'ts.

Ageerika Hari, Vaitaanika

Luxeva: What is the essential piece of advice you would want to give to anyone attending a wedding this season?

Ageerika Hari: "While getting decked up for your best friend’s wedding, it’s best to keep it minimalistic and yet classy. Rather than incorporating several pieces of jewellery, pick one statement piece that stands outa cocktail ring or a pair of ear studs will ensure a distinct look in any wedding function."


Luxeva: Are there any colours that shoppers should be on the lookout for?

Ageerika Hari:
"Since it's winter when the majority tends to favour monochrome looks, it’s the best time of the year to experiment with colours in jewellery to elevate your outfit. The hues of Amethyst and Pink Ruby bring out the best in any look, and it also helps that they are extremely versatile."


Luxeva: What should one keep in mind while looking for jewellery pieces to add to their collection? 

Ageerika Hari: "It’s crucial to look for something that’s bespoke and one-of-a-kind because everyone is bound to have the common ones in abundance already. Pick singular pieces that stand out and ones which you feel go beyond trends and seasons." 

Confluence By Swarovski

Luxeva: What are the top styles in jewellery that will stand out this wedding season? 

Confluence by Swarovski: "This wedding season will see celebrations with traditional jewellery enhanced with handcrafted details which have roots in the Indian heritage, ones that hold great significance even today due to their timelessness. Adornments that are reminiscent of the past and yet have a modern spin will make an ideal choice for weddings this season."


Luxeva: What should consumers be mindful of while selecting jewellery for a wedding ceremony?

Confluence by Swarovski: "When it comes to dressing up for weddings, jewellery plays a role as important as your outfit choices. Therefore, customers should invest in either elaborate,occasion-based styles or simple yet modern pieces that can be a timeless addition to their wardrobe. Keeping all that in consideration, the finesse of the craftsmanship is also a factor that is of great significance." 


Luxeva: Are there any specific styles that ought to be on our radar this season? 

Confluence by Swarovski: "The key trend for the season would be a statement pair of earrings with a vintage appeal. Another popular style in focus will be the delicate chokers that accentuate the neck and draw attention to the face, along with brooches with attention to detail."

Renu Oberoi

Luxeva: What, according to you, are the key styling tips for brides in terms of jewellery?

Renu Oberoi: "I believe that everyone has a distinct style, and it’s important to channel it to avoid a run-of-the-mill look during your wedding. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind the destination and dress accordingly, while making sure that your jewellery compliments your ensemble. Keep your look balanced; both the outfit and jewellery cannot be exaggerated or they lose visibility."


Luxeva: What should consumers be mindful of while selecting jewellery for a wedding or to simply add to their existing collection?

Renu Oberoi: "Wearability for the future is key. Lightweight jewellery is often more practical for it can be worn through long hours. Opt for layering instead of investing in excessively heavy jewellery—the statement pieces can also be worn and styled individually later, giving you a number of options." 


Luxeva: Is it wise to take trends into account while looking to expand one’s collection? 

Renu Oberoi:  "In my opinion, jewellery surpasses trends, so it’s always best to opt for what you like, rather than being swayed away by trends."


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