Five Vegan Recipes That You Should Master This Veganuary

Since its inception in 2014, Veganuary has managed to inspire over half a million people to try an alternative lifestyle that is good for both the planet and their health. As the initiative continues to grow, food bloggers and enthusiasts around the world are beginning to take notice of the same and are thus coming up with innovative recipes and debunking the myth that vegan food is not fun enough. 

Intrigued by all the Veganuary posts on your gram but apprehensive of an entirely plant-based diet? Here are five recipes that will help you go vegan while keeping your taste buds sufficiently stimulated:

Vegan Stuffed Zucchini Boats With Chickpeas

Image Courtesy: Ela Vegan
Image Courtesy: Ela Vegan


  • Zucchini (2 medium)
  • Vegetable oil (½ tbsp)
  • Onion chopped (1 Medium)
  • Minced garlic (2-3 cloves)
  • Chopped bell pepper (1 small)  
  • Cooked chickpeas (1.5 Cups)
  • Tomato Paste (1.5 tbsp)
  • Hot Sauce (1-2 tbsp)
  • Plant-based milk (4-6 tbsp)
  • Rice Vinegar (1 tbsp)
  • Soy Sauce (1 tbsp)
  • Onion Powder (1 tbsp)
  • Coconut Sugar/ Brown Sugar (1 tbsp)
  • Smoked Paprika (½ tbsp)
  • Ground Cumin (½ tbsp)
  • Vegan cheese sauce (1 batch)
  • Sea salt, ground pepper, and chili powder to taste


-Cut the zucchini lengthwise into half and scoop out its flesh. Chop the flesh and keep it aside. 

-Heat oil in a skillet, add onions and saute for 4-5 minutes. Add garlic, bell pepper, zucchini flesh, spices, tomato paste, plant-based milk, rice vinegar, hot sauce, and soy sauce. Cook the mixture after putting a lid on the skillet. Add the chickpeas after 10 minutes and cook for a few more minutes. Taste and adjust the seasoning as per your taste. Once done, set the mixture aside and let it cool for 10 minutes. 

-Stuff the zucchini halves with chickpea mixture. Top it with vegan cheese and bake for 20-25 minutes in an oven preheated to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Garnish with fresh herbs before serving. 

Recipe Courtesy: Ela Vegan

Potato and Cauliflower Croquettes

Image Courtesy: The Foodie Takes Flight
Image Courtesy: The Foodie Takes Flight


  • Shredded raw russet potatoes (4 Cups)
  • Cooked and roughly chopped cauliflower (2 Cups)
  • Chopped basil leaves (2 tbsp)
  • Minced garlic, minced (2 Cloves)
  • Ground chia or flaxseed meal (2 tbsp)
  • All-purpose flour (1 Cup)
  • Bread Crumbs (1-1.5 Cups)
  • Canola Oil
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper


-Finely chop the cooked cauliflower. 

-Peel and shred the potatoes with a cheese grater. Transfer it into a strainer and remove the excess water. 

-Take a small bowl of water, add the chia/flaxseed meal and wait for it to thicken up for 15-20 minutes. 

-Evenly mix the chopped cauliflower, grated potatoes, chia/flax egg, all-purpose flour, garlic, pepper, salt, and pepper.  

-Mold the mixture into balls or any shape of your choice and then roll them into the bread crumbs until fully covered. Heat some oil in the pan and add the croquettes once warm enough. Cook until crisp and golden brown. Place the croquettes on paper towels to get rid of the excess oil and serve hot with choice of dip. 

Recipe Courtesy: The Foodie Takes Flight

Rice and Quinoa Stew with Spinach and Tomatoes

Image Courtesy: Yummy Yatra on Instagram
Image Courtesy: Yummy Yatra on Instagram


  • Roughly chopped spinach (7 Cups)
  • Onion (1 Large)
  • Minced Garlic (3 Cloves)
  • Tomato (1 Medium)
  • Tomato paste (1 tbsp)
  • Paprika (2 tbsp)
  • Olive Oil (1 tbsp)
  • Rice (any variety, 3 tbsp)
  • Quinoa (2 tbsp)


-Heat oil in a pot, add the garlic and saute for 10-15 seconds. Once the garlic turns golden brown, add onions to the pot along with pepper and saute for 5-6 minutes. Now, add ½ cup water, paprika, and tomato paste. Stir for 2 minutes and then add tomatoes to the mix. Stir well, cover the mix, and cook for 5 minutes on medium heat.

-Uncover the pot after 5 minutes, add spinach and cover once again. Let the pot simmer for 2-3 minutes. Once the spinach changes colour, add the rice and quinoa along with hot water to submerge the ingredients.  

-Taste the mix and season with some salt and pepper accordingly. Cover and cook for 20-25 minutes or until the rice and quinoa mixture is cooked. Stir occasionally to ensure that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Serve piping hot along with sliced onions and dairy-free yogurt or dip of your choice.

Recipe Courtesy: Yummy Yatra

Meaty Mushroom Eggplant Rollatini

Image Courtesy: Megun Processed
Image Courtesy: Megun Processed


  • Eggplant (1 medium/large)
  • Tofu Ricotta/Dairy Free Ricotta (1 batch)
  • Chopped Mushrooms (1 Pound)
  • Minced Garlic (2 Cloves)
  • Oregano (2 tbsp)
  • Cumin (½ tbsp)
  • Salt (½ tbsp)
  • Pepper    


-Slice the eggplants into thin slices and salt each side. Wipe off the eggplants after 15-20 minutes. Put the eggplants on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 415F and bake them for 15 minutes. You should be aiming for a golden brown hue. Once done, remove the eggplants from the oven and set aside. 

-Warm a skillet for 2-3 minutes and add chopped mushrooms to it. Add salt, pepper, oregano, and cumin and saute for 3-5 minutes. Once done, shift the mushroom meat to a strainer and remove any excess water that the mushrooms might have released in the cooking process. 

-Spread half of your marinara sauce on the bottom of a medium-sized casserole dish. Now, start assembling the eggplant rolls by spreading a generous layer of ricotta on each one of them. Top the ricotta with a thick layer of the mushroom meat. Now one by one, roll up the eggplants and place them in the dish while ensuring that the seam side face down. Once all the rolls have been placed, spread the rest of the marinara on top and spread evenly. 

-Place the casserole dish in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Take it out of the oven once the sauce starts bubbling and the dish turns golden brown. Let it cool for 10 minutes and garnish the dish with some basil and vegan parmesan before serving. 

Recipe Courtesy: Megun Processed

Feel Good Vegan Cherry Feel Good Bars

Image Courtesy: Ambitious Kitchen
Image Courtesy: Ambitious Kitchen


  • Pitted medjool dates (1 Cup)
  • Raw almonds (¾ Cup)
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder (3tbsp)
  • Virgin coconut oil (1 tbsp)
  • Sea salt (1 tbsp) 
  • Raw cashews (1.5 Cups)
  • Pure maple syrup (⅓ Cup)
  • Vanilla extract (1 tbsp)
  • Full fat coconut milk (½ Cup)
  • Frozen dark sweet cherries (1.5 Cups)
  • Fresh lemon juice (2 tbsp)
  • Vegan dark chocolate chips (2 tbsp)


-Add 3 cups of water to the cashews and soak them overnight. If you want to cut some time, you can soak the cashews in boiling water for an hour. Once the cashews are ready to use, ensure to drain all the water.

-Mix the dates and almonds, add to the food processor, and process till it gets chunky. Now add melted coconut oil, cocoa powder, and sea salt to the mixture and process till you achieve a dough-like consistency. Now, line a medium-sized loaf pan with parchment paper and add the mixture to it. 

-Mix cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla, 1 cup frozen cherries, and lemon juice and blend until creamy in a high-powered blender. Add some coconut milk, if the mixture gets too thick.

-Pour half of the filling mix over the crust. Top it with ½ cup frozen cherries. Add remaining filling on the top and smoothen it with a dessert knife.

-Add the chocolate chips to a small pan and simmer on low heat. Stir until chocolate melts completely. Drizzle melted chocolate over the filling.

-In order to set it, place the dish in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Cut even bars once it’s ready to serve.

Recipe Courtesy: Ambitious Kitchen

Featured Image: Unsplash

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