The 'Clean Colour' Beauty Trend Is What We Have All Been Waiting For

Not all of us have numerous beauty tricks hidden up our sleeves, no matter how many Youtube tutorials and Instagram videos we watch. That, combined with the fact that hectic schedules leave little room for elaborate make-up routines, keeps everything excessive out in the first go. But to put things in perspective, you can exercise your love for make-up whilst keeping it real and organised enough to not take up too much time. 

Speaking of beauty looks that are easy to emulate, the 'clean colour' make-up trend is one to add to your list. Termed so by Ricky Wilson, the name behind Dior's impeccable beauty looks, 'clean colour' is all about playing with hues while making sure the routine and process are right up your alley. What's more, the rest of it—cheeks, lips, and all of the face—remains make-up-free or keeps it to a bare minimum, emphasising the tones you have indulged in. The hero of the look? All that colour, no matter how much or little. 

Keeping in sync with the trend and its fabulous nature of highlighting colour, we came up with three ways to add the trick to your regime. It's easy, doable and hey, it's got colour!

Colours Too Many!

So, you're feeling experimental, aren't you? Which means this is as good a time as any to give into the variety of hues (read eyeshadow palettes) you have been stocking up on, without going overboard. Enter the 'rainbow eyes' where you apply a selection of colours on your upper lid or waterline, giving your eyes a vibrant look while keeping your lips and cheekbones make-up free. 

All That Neon

Another easy way to try the 'clean colour' beauty trend is highlighting your lid with eyeliner. Better yet, with this trick, give the 'Euphoria' look a try. And to round it off, add a lip gloss, keep the rest to a bare minimum, and you're ready to step out. 

Just A Hint

You don't have to go all the way to try the raging beauty trend—just add a splash of colour to the inner or outer corners of your eyes and you have the 'clean colour' trend ready. As for the rest of your look, keep it simple. 

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