11 TV Shows & Movies (You Probably Haven't Watched) So Stream Them During Self-Quarantine

We know, we know: the number of lists on what to watch is increasing by the day, but hear us out for a minute. Social distancing in the current time calls for staying indoors, for your own safety and more so for that of others. (In a nutshell, stay indoors, people!) And while you may, in all probability, be working during the day, you will have a lot more time on your hands once the day is done. Not to mention the weekends too. 

In a time when none of us knows how long the situation will last, it's also extremely important to step away from the news for a bit and take a breather. And what do you do when in self-quarantine at home? Well, for starters, stream some hidden gems that you may or may not have heard about. Better still, our curated recommendations come with a brief summary, so that you don't have to go through the 'what do I watch now' process. Here's taking a look at some A-grade TV material for when you want to hit pause.  

Derry Girls

The world might be crashing around with political conflict and armed personnel on patrol but for these school-going girls (and a boy) in 1990s Northern Ireland, the priorities—prominently revolving around being teenagers—are entirely different and unimaginably hilarious. An underrated must-watch. 


Phoebe Waller Bridge's Fleabag needs no introduction and considering we have all been left with a gaping hole of entertainment as the series ended, there's good news. Crashing, a show that was also written by the stellar Bridge pre-Fleabag is available for streaming. Expect the same Phoebe-esque wit along with a fun set of characters. 


A classic case of whodunnit unravels in this British drama that follows a missing child in a close-knit community. In a scenario where anyone could be a suspect, Broadchurch, starring the brilliant Olivia Colman and David Tennant in the lead, keeps viewers engaged with its subtle drama and on-point intrigue. 


What goes on in the mind of a killer? FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench canvas the country, profiling serial killers and interviewing them to unravel their psyche. The show picks up references from real-life events and the lives of agents John E. Douglas, credited with making phenomenal findings in behavioural sciences and Robert K. Ressler, who coined the term 'serial killer'. Prepare for a binge-watch session which also includes some infamous names like Ed Kemper and Ted Bundy.

Alias Grace

Adapted from Margaret Atwood's 1996 fiction novel of the same name comes this thrilling drama that follows the story of Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant who stands convicted for murder. Set in the mid-1800s, the award-winning miniseries makes for a gripping watch. 

Taj Mahal 1989

If you ever wondered how India was pre-90s, there is something in store for you. Taj Mahal 1989 weaves a couple of stories together in the said year, intertwining the plot as characters go on to discover themselves. Breezy, funny, and at times dramatic, the show brings together poetry, love, politics and much more. Definitely the binge-watch you deserve!

Phantom Thread

One for the fashion lovers. Daniel Day-Lewis's last film before he announced his retirement in 2017, Phantom Thread is set in 1950s London and revolves around the life of an eccentric designer and his new lover. Expect couture gowns, the ateliers in all their glory, and a couple of surprises that will keep you both fascinated and happy. 

Schitt's Creek 

Take your mind off of Twitter and see something that's just as good as the fun tweets, only better. Schitt's Creek is the ultimate gold standard and there's simply no denying it. Following a billionaire family that goes bankrupt and is forced to move to a small, distant town they own, the hilarious series ought to be on your list. 

The Invisible Guest

Originally titled Contratiempo, the Spanish mystery thriller is like none other you would have watched in recent times. The film directed by Oriol Paulo takes a number of twists and turns following a murder and a suspect with no memory of what transpired. We can bet you will be glued to the screen for an hour and 46 minutes, no two ways about it. 

James Acaster: Repertoire

Should you be in the mood for some stand-up, James Acaster will have you go, as the kids call it, ROFL. The British comic packs all the punches right and in case you happen to be feeling low while self-quarantining, we strongly suggest Repertoire for the laughs. 

What We Do in The Shadows

Anyone who thought vampire movies were all things blood and gore definitely needs to catch up on this bizarre but oh-so-funny movie that follows— surprise, surprise—a bunch of vampires who live together in the current age and must adapt to their surroundings and customs. Get ready, for a light-hearted fun viewing awaits. 

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