From COVID-19 Alerts To Fitness & Fashion, A List Of Instagram Accounts To Follow

In light of the escalating coronavirus pandemic, everyone is being advised to stay in and practise safe habits such as social distancing and self-quarantine. And in such scenarios, the mediums of how we spend our time and communicate are changing too. Considering we are spending more time on Instagram than ever, it is now, more than ever, also a platform to get information. Be it alerts on the current situation, wellness, fitness and fashion accounts, or those providing the much-required comic relief, here are all the Instagram accounts you might want to follow. 

For COVID-19 Updates

In times of the ongoing crisis, it's important to keep yourself updated with the correct news. And to do just that, here's who we recommend following. 


The World Health Organisation has an Instagram account which is constantly updated with all the information you will need to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Infographics, videos and alerts; everything you need is right here. 

Centers for Disease Control

Also following suit is the Centers for Disease Control which gives its followers vital information about the pandemic. Considering its a leading authority, you can rest assured to get authentic news sans the myths that are floating about. 

For Fitness & Wellness

You can stay fit and follow the path to wellness even when indoors—all that you need is a good teacher and we know just the ideal ones!

Vasudha Rai

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I’ve often heard people say that even the healthiest people fall sick - so what’s the point of lifestyle changes? Yes everyone faces poor health but difference is that those who have (mostly) healthy habits often recover faster, deal better with symptoms and also have lesser need for medication. Holistic therapies also support allopathic medicine, making it (in my experience) more effective. . This Friday we launch Holistic Healing, a series of podcasts with @redfmindia focusing on various aspects of health, beauty and fitness. From detoxes to running, mental health to dermatology, mudras, pranayama, Ayurveda, and homeopathy, we bring healing right to your doorstep. Launching March 13th. Download the @redfmindia app now! #holistichealingwithVR

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Trust Vasudha Rai to give you the crucial tips and tricks on wellness. From skincare to holistic healing, the beauty guru and author of Glow is our go-to person, her Instagram account giving us all the lessons in well-being. 

Namrata Purohit

While you, like the rest of us, are spending time indoors, there is no need to give up on your fitness regime. Take a look at celebrity fitness expert Namrata Purohit's IG and it's going to be all the inspiration you need to come up with an indoor fitness plan. 

For Fashion

Work at home, but make it fashion. Hint: whether you want to practice it or just want to get some paw-sitive vibes when scrolling through, we got you covered!

Working From Home Fits

The latest Instagram account to come up on everyone's radar, amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, is none another than Working From Home Fits which highlights, you guessed it, WFH outfits. Pyjamas, high street and all the good fashion stuff—it's all in here!


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Essentials only. Stay safe and be kind bbs.💫

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A dog that dresses in outfits better than all of us is the toast of Instagram and truth be told, we aren't complaining. If a fun and fashionable distraction is what you need at this time, make it Boobie the micro-influencer's fabulous account. 

For Comic Relief

Looking for relatable memes to share with friends when in self-quarantine? We got the best of the lot. 

Saint Hoax

Pop culture, but with a twist. Saint Hoax's satirical take on everything from celebrities to current events is one that will have you ROFL-ing for a long, long time. 

Gary Janetti

Author Gary Janetti's parody account that imagines Prince George to be a sassy kid is downright hilarious; you will be scrolling all the way to the first post!

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