How To Clean Your Jewellery At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Yes, you are washing and drying your hands constantly as directives state, and sanitizing them from time to time, but what about the jewellery you have been wearing all this while? Chances could be that you are still wearing your wedding ring or a sentimental piece you cannot bear to part with. However, the coronavirus can be transmitted through surfaces too, metal included, and considering you are wearing something on your hands, you will want to be extra careful about keeping it sanitized. 

It's important to care for your rings and other pieces of jewellery, not just now but in a post-coronavirus world as well. Here's taking a look at all you will need to know. 

Take It Off Before Washing Hands

Besides social distancing, one of the main (and most basic) precautions prescribed by the WHO is to wash hands consistently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Anytime you are doing so, it's important to remember to take off your rings and bracelets; not only will the constant washing and drying of hands cause the metal to fade, it will also be unhelpful in clearing the grime which accumulates on your fine jewellery. 

Avoid Using Sanitizers

Sanitizers are known to have high alcohol content and may cause damage to the precious gemstones on your jewellery. In summary? Avoid using sanitizers to clean what you are wearing, and take it off when using the cleansing product on your hands. 

Use Warm Water

So what's the best way to keep your wedding ring clean and sparkling? Jewellery expert and designer Nayana Raheja suggests to keep the process simple. "The best way to keep those diamonds dazzling like they just came out of the store is to keep the jewellery dipped in water and dish soap solution overnight. Once you wake up, use a soft brush and warm water to remove any remaining dirt."

Clean On A Regular Basis

Develop a routine that you can follow and stick to it. Be it more regularly during these times when keeping your hands clean is a priority or once a week after the situation has improved, its best to maintain a schedule. Even if you plan to keep your jewellery away for a while, now that you are staying indoors, make sure to follow the process before putting it away in a secured box or bag. 

Featured Image: Unsplash

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