How To Maintain A Consistent Skincare Routine Indoors During The Covid-19 Outbreak

You may feel that skincare is the least of your worries during a pandemic but when staying indoors for a long time, as it currently is, it's important to keep all aspects of healthy living in check. That may include anything from eating right and calling your friends to check on them to reading or just taking a break.

When it comes to skincare, a routine doesn't necessarily mean going OTT. Skip, if you wish, the elaborate regime is in favour of basic tips that will keep your skin fresh. Here's all you need to know. 

Wash Your Hands & Moisturize

As repeatedly conveyed by the WHO, washing your hands for 20 seconds at regular intervals is the most basic and crucial method to keep the risk of Coronavirus at bay. In summary? Wash your hands and wash them often. We have also discussed at length how regular washing of hands is leading to dry, undernourished skin that just doesn't sit well. Once you have a few minutes to spare from touching your phone, tablet, computer, and other surfaces, dab some hand cream to keep them moisturized and healthy

Clean Your Beauty Arsenal

It's still unclear as to how long the virus remains active outside on a number of surfaces, but a safe practice would be to sanitize your wide assemblage of beauty products to avoid risking infection. Take some time to clean the area where you store your essentials, along with sprucing up your beauty and skincare products. Use a disinfectant or wipe to sanitize the exterior surface of your bottles and tubes, along with your make-up tools. 

Don't Skip The Sunscreen

You may be spending your time indoors in self-quarantine but that doesn't mean that you have to forgo sunscreen. Research has found that the light that emanates from your screen also ages and dulls your skin, making sunscreen crucial indoors as well. And in the times of this pandemic, the layer of the product is also likely to keep you from touching your face. Before you begin the day, use some of that sunscreen generously!

Slather On The Body Lotion (or Oil)!

So what if you aren't going outdoors? Your skincare needs to be consistent, so don't slack off in using the body lotion or body oil that you normally rely on. Get your dose of the essential product as soon as you step out of the shower. 

Look At DIY Masks

You may very well have your stock of hydrating masks but even if you have run out of them, we have a solution: DIY masks. Use combinations of everyday ingredients in your house—turmeric, sugar, grounded almonds, aloe vera, and flour to create your own face mask that exfoliates and leaves you with supple skin. 

Cleanse & Moisturize

Pulling back on your cleansing and moisturizing can be a deal-breaker when it comes to maintaining your supple skin. The solution is rather simple; just like all your skincare steps, make sure you use your regular cleanser and moisturiser to keep your skin nourished. 

Eat Healthy

You might very well want to load up on sugar and carbs while binge-watching a show your friend recommended, but it's best to keep the intake in moderation to avoid all those breakouts and acne from resurfacing. Besides, it's always good to have some balance, right?

Stay Hydrated

You already know that your water intake has a direct correlation with how your skin feels, meaning it's just as important as it is to keep your skincare routine in check. There are different takes on how much the intake ought to be, but 2-3 litres should do the trick. And in case you find yourself lagging behind, we suggest downloading some apps like Aloe Bud or Aqualert to set reminders and keep things on track. 

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