Luxeva Expert Speak: How To Maintain An 'At-Home Fitness Routine' In A Long Quarantine

Staying at home in a long quarantine is the safest option during the coronavirus pandemic but being away from the routine of everyday life should not warrant an excuse for you to shy away from fitness. On a positive note, you can use this time to concentrate on your workouts and practice the finer points of movement, posture and form, which in turn will help you perform more efficiently in the gym, once you are back!

Thanks to technology and social media, it’s easy to use a fitness app, join a virtual workout or participate in a yoga session, all while practising social distancing. The list in this criteria goes on. During these uncertain times, another idea is to test how much you can motivate yourself without access to a gym or your personal trainers. The main motive? Keeping fitness levels constant and not letting them slide.

Here are some of my top tips on how to keep moving and adapt your gym or outdoor workouts to a quarantined home schedule. Read on.

Keeping It Simple

It’s important to not complicate things; simple does it! Don’t feel demotivated about the fact that you can’t do an hour-long Zumba class or an extensive gym routine. 20 minutes of movement is all you need to see results and not lose your form.

Forming A Schedule

Divide your days, just as you would at the gym. Take into account mobility and flexibility, bodyweight workouts and walks, along with jogs or on the spot running that can be done indoors.

Group Exercises Together

Bunch up a group of basic exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, side planks, tricep dips, basic core work and more. Add some skips, mountain climbers and burpees for interval cardio. Perform 20 repetitions * 3 sets and you’ve got yourself a fantastic workout!

Discover Your Equipment

Use props around the house to make up for gym equipment; chairs, benches, stairs and platforms do the trick. Use these to play around with the workout. 

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Improve Body Strength

For mobility, the Surya Namskar is a great flow to open up all the joints and muscles while strengthening the body strength. Done 2-30 times in the correct manner, it will keep you supple and strong in your quarantine.

Remember To Stretch

It’s important to not forget your stretches, especially if you are spending long hours seated in front of the laptop and on video calls – concentrate on basic stretches to keep your neck and back flexible. 

Use A Fitness App

Downloading an app for a 20-minute full-body routine will make this easier. I recommended using BBG by Kayla Itsines and Melissa Wood Health for gentle but super strong mat workouts. 

Eat healthy, meaningful meals, spend time with your family, try to meditate for 5 minutes every day while squeezing in 20 minutes of movement in any form. You can also participate in the #LuxevaXSumayaChallenge, sharing your fitness journey by using the hashtag and tagging Luxeva. Remember, we’re all in this together, so stay indoors, stay fit!

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