Luxeva Expert Speak: Practice Self-Love Through Skincare During Self-Quarantine

The Covid-19 pandemic is indeed a strange time. Staying indoors is the order of the day and it goes without saying that self-quarantine is a must to keep yourself and others around you safe while supporting your community and helping them out in possible ways. 

Let’s talk about self-love in the times of self-quarantining. Taking care of yourself during these uncertain times can feel like a task but it’s also true that the stakes of self-care and self-love are high in these turbulent times. Where do we begin? For one, in a time when we all are indoors for a prolonged period, creating skincare rituals is a great way to delve into self-love. Here’s taking a deeper look at some beauty and skincare regimes you might wish to consider. 

Follow Your Skincare Routine

First things first. Follow your skincare routine to the T. All those steps in the morning and evening you were ignoring? Do them all! No matter whether it’s 3 steps or 4. Even though you are spending time at home, it’s crucial to use that sunblock in the am—sunlight does penetrate through windows.

Mask On Repeat! 

Do it a few times a week, based on what you are specifically looking for. 

For acne

Mask 15 is effective or should you wish to make a mix at home, Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) with turmeric and honey is a great option too. 

For glow 

Glamglow has an expansive range and also great to use is the Sesderma C-Vit Mask. If you don’t have these in your existing skincare arsenal, it’s easy to make one at home with basic ingredients; mix the pulp of a plum, papaya and an apple with buttermilk, apply for 5-10 minutes and gently scrub off. 

For hydration

Aquareva hydrating mask, FCL hydrating mask, Laneige water sleeping mask are great options. For making one at home, mix avocado with grapeseed oil (for acne-prone skin) or opt for coconut oil (for non-acne prone skin). 

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#LuxevaBeautyInsider: Currently gunning for the jade roller's crown as the next big #beauty tool, Gua Sha finds its roots in ancient #Chinese medicine treatments and comes with the promise of #brighter and tighter #skin. . . How does it work? A well-executed gua sha massage stimulates the dermis thus catalyzing the collagen production, also, giving us reason enough to get hooked! The scraping massage also adds to elastin production. . . Choosing the right tool: While motion is the key to get the maximum benefits out of your gua sha tool the power of crystal healing is a major factor. Jade happens to be a naturally cooling crystal and is ideally suited for those seeking some balance, the rose quartz gua sha tool is more suited for those with sensitive skin and seeking some healing, the green aventurine is apt for those who want to get rid of past cycles. . . Get it right: Start with oiling your skin to reap the maximum benefits of this beauty tool. Opt for your regular beauty oil or something that you rely on. Now comes the essence of gua sha: scraping! For your face, attempt for long strokes as you go upward and outward. Start at the neck by placing the flat side of the tool on the base and go for upward strokes at a 45-degree angle. You need to repeat the step in similar motions until the entire face is covered. . . Photos courtesy: @blu_moon_beauty @facerituals . . #luxeskincare #luxerollers #jaderollers #crystals #guasha #brighterskin

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Use Your Home Devices

Put your jade rollers to work; use them on top of your serums for a few minutes to improve deposition. For Gua Sha lovers, I recommend doing this a few times a day, focussing on the neck and the face. In case you have a Foreo, add it to your routine for a couple of times a week to achieve extra exfoliation. An existing microcurrent device at home can also be tried a few times a week for extra tightening. And last but not least, a face gym once a week works fabulously!

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