Everyone's Having A Zoom Party, Here's How You Can Too!

Everyone's having a virtual party and truth be told, we want in on the plan because who doesn't like a good party! Maybe you could head over to Zoom, the cool new place to hang out with all your friends as you stay in a long quarantine. The app makes virtual meetings a reality, so why not think different and host a fun party the next weekend! Here’s finding out how.

The Theme

Get creative—pick a theme, dress up and show up! We are especially in awe of Spardha Malik's Costume Party with S, which is held every week on a Saturday, with different themes, of course, and is open to everyone to attend! Sounds fun, right? 

The Menu

Add some food and drinks to the mix— stir up a cocktail to get the party going. And if it's your birthday, make it a virtual party that will count for years to come. 

The Backgrounds

Did you know you can change your background in the app to match with a fun time? Play with backgrounds; change settings, add some glitz and glam and have fun while at it!

The Add-Ons

Apart from the other cool stuff that awaits, you can also add games to your virtual party. Think a virtual game night? Pick something you and your friends would enjoy; there are a number of options to pick from if you get to it. 

The Tech

At the end of the day, you are going to be dealing with technology, so know that it will come with technical glitches and constraints. Don't let that play spoilsport, give yourself time to figure it out and get that party started!

Featured Image: Costume Party with S on Instagram 

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