Here's How You Can Help In COVID-19 Relief Efforts By Donating To Active Platforms

Our new normal might have pivoted. It's been a while since the lockdown came into place in India and strange as it seems, it might still be some time till the COVID-19 outbreak shows signs of slowing down. 

In such a scenario, the hardest hit individuals are the ones who rely on daily work and wages, along with craftspeople, labourers and artisans behind handicrafts and other industries, and with the lockdown still in place, they continue to suffer. A number of platforms, crowdsourcing included, offer relief to individuals in there dire times and you too, can do your bit by contributing. We have listed down 8 such sources, ranging from ones aimed at helping craftspeople to those working in aid of daily wagers. Read on to find out more and help out by donating. 

Chamar Studio

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CHAMAR Covid-19 Fund ● As a brand, we are proud to represent talented craftspeople who belong to the Dalit community. Chamar is a design house that is built on the often-unacknowledged crafts heritage of this community. Our team is small, talented and closely-knit. We are cobblers, leather craftsmen, weavers, stitchers, young creatives and sales associates. The Covid-19 lockdown has hit our community hard. Most of our artisans live in Dharavi, which has been declared a Covid-19 hotspot in Mumbai. The pandemic has also had a severe impact on their livelihood. We have launched a crowdfunding page to support our artisans during this period, and sustain the business through the forthcoming months. To make a donation, click the link in bio. #chamarfunds #covid19 #fundraising #art #craft #design #fashion #CHAMAR Illustration @bakeryprasad_azaad

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Representing the artisans of the Dalit community, the Chamar Studio has always been vocal about bringing its craftspeople to the forefront. Many of the artisans it associates with require aid in an uncertain time like this, for which, the studio has set up a crowdfunded relief page. 

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A society for crafts and craftspeople co-chaired by Laila Tyabji, Dastkar initiated an 'Artisan Support Fund' back in 2001, which it has re-opened in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. All proceeds will be used to help the craftspeople and their families affected in the pandemic, while also helping them gain financial assistance to restart work. 

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A crowdfunding platform which is open to all to raise funds, Ketto offers a number of ways for you to help those who find themselves in the midst of the pandemic. From helping raise funds or daily wage earners to rescue efforts for stranded animals, a number of donations are live and open to access on their official website. 

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Rapid Response

Raising money for the hardest-hit sections, the daily wage earners and the migrants, Rapid Response is catering to the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh, raising funds for 'Dry Ration' and 'Hygiene Kits' for the labourers. Visit them on Instagram or their website to support the cause. 

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Zomato Feeding India

With two programs in place; the 'Rider Relief Fund' and 'Feed The Daily Wager', Zomato's Feeding India aims to help those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, including its food delivery partners and the daily wagers. "Our total goal of ₹10 Cr will be used to distribute Rs.1000 to each of Zomato’s 100,000 delivery partners who are unable to work currently", reads a portion of the statement on the website. 

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Give India

You could also contribute to one of the several fundraisers up and running at Give India, ranging from providing meals for kids to raising relief funds for healthcare workers on the frontlines. 

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From fund-raising campaigns to making essentials such as ration, masks and sanitary pads available to those in need, Goonj's Rahat COVID-19 fund has been working for aid since the beginning. Head to the website now to find out how you can contribute to the growing relief efforts. 

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Clothes Box Foundation

Making groceries and sanitary essentials available to those in need, Clothes Box Foundation is using its platform to help with relief efforts, to which you too could contribute. 

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