The Verdict On Dressing Up (Or Not) For Productivity In A Long Quarantine

If you are someone who's planning to take their best shirt out of the wardrobe for a day of typing at the computer, you aren't alone. With WFH, read work from home, becoming the new norm, a number of professionals have taken to dressing up as they would at a regular day at the office in a hope to muster productivity while several others like to rely on their pyjamas to provide relief.

Which one works best? We spoke to a group of people from both sides to find out more. 

All Dressed Up For WFH

The testimonies for a great WFH outfit to unleash productivity are far too many, so much so that the current period of people partaking in the activity has given rise to a newfound Instagram account. Enter @wfhfits, which religiously lists out people dressing up to the nines in the long quarantine. A large number of people I reached out to seemed to agree—treating these long days just as a regular one in terms of dressing does bring a semblance of regularity to life. 

Pyjamas For Days

In contrast, loungewear is having a defining moment (no surprises there) as a whole lot of professionals turn to the comfort of an uber-cool set of pyjamas or/and track pants, clear winners in the category which holds a number of separates. Quite a number of people belong to the camp, the ones I spoke to citing comfort and ease of working in pyjamas far greater than a regular, more poised #OOTD. Which brings us back to the productivity side of it. 

Here's the real deal: as it's well known, anything that you wear and feel confident in is sure to uplift your mood, giving you a confidence boost and instantly making a difference. But that being said, if a pair of pyjamas is what does the trick for you, rather than the whole dressing up for work shebang, so be it! Prior studies across workplaces have suggested that 80% people working in an environment with a dress code find it restrictive, a clear suggestion that in this WFH situation where anxiety levels have already gone through the roof, there is clearly just not one single correct answer. 

Perhaps stepping up to wear a dress and doing your hair as you actually would works for you, or maybe you are comfortable taking it easy in a pair of PJs and a t-shirt. Either way, the idea of an effective WFH outfit is to make you feel relaxed and happy, so whatever does the trick! As for all those Zoom meetings, there's always an ideal above-the-waist outfit out there. 

Featured Image: WFH Fits on Instagram

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