These Virtual Museum Tours Take You Around The World While Staying At Home

Spending time alone in quarantine can be quite a task, especially if you feel like you've successfully streamed all possible shows and read a lot. While nothing beats the experience of visiting a place in person, virtual tours prove to be the next best thing, a mirror to the world through your screen. A leading expert in the territory is the Google Art and Culture app, which allows you to take in panoramic views of galleries and exhibits around the world, coming in handy if you feel like you are missing out on a museum visit. And with that thought in mind, we bring to you a slew of the interesting ones from around the world that you can visit right away, without having to go anywhere. Read on.

The Louvre

The world's largest art museum with collections from across the world, the Louvre is home to the world's most incredible and famous work of arts. Be it Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace or Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, the palatial, baroque-style landmark draws millions in crowds every year. Keeping up with safety measures, the authorities closed doors to the art and history attraction, but for aficionados, virtual tours of the museum's many galleries and exhibits remain. Delve into the Egyptian Antiquities collection or visit The Galerie d'Apollon—the magnificent ceiling of which was made as a homage to the Sun King, Louis XIV—there is no dearth of exhibits to view from the confines of your home. 


Founded in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the MET as it is popularly referred to, has been a focal point of art in numerous forms and history in fashion. And though the famous museum is now closed off indefinitely and the much-anticipated MET Gala cancelled, one can witness the encyclopedic collections virtually through the Google Arts & Culture app. A special 'online exhibit' showcases a number of stories, ranging from artefacts to experiences. Think Ball Gowns and The New Look by Christian Dior; Modernism by Coco Chanel and Muslins by Charles James, amongst a plethora of others. 

National Women's History Museum

A proposed museum dedicated to the lives and works of women, the National Women's History Museum was formed in 1995 by Karen Staser. 

"We draw power from our "stories." It was clear to me that we needed the stories of both men and women if we were to build a better future," reads the excerpt of her statement on the website. Highlighting the many stories of women, the museum's online exhibits are a lesson in history. Expect to see all about Women In Olympics, Suffrage, The History of Nursing, The Women of NASA and much more. 

The Partition Museum

Image Courtesy: Amritsar Museum
Image Courtesy: Amritsar Museum

Located close to the historic Golden Temple in Amritsar, The Partition Museum in the Town Hall building complex exhibits some of the remnants of the largest migration in history, hence retelling the story of the partition of India. Virtual tours on the Google Arts and Culture app lend you an insight into the numerous stories of planning, political agendas, the exodus and the loss of lives and native places—all through objects, pictures, maps and more. 


Situated close to the famous Van Gogh Museum that celebrates the legendary artist, the Rijksmuseum is one of the many historic places that mark the landscape of Amsterdam. Though closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the many galleries of Rijksmuseum are up for viewing virtually, making it possible for you to access the art from any part of the world. 

Featured Image: Instagram

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