To Cut or Not To (Cut): The Trials Of A Haircut In A Long Quarantine

Two weeks into the long quarantine came the debate I hadn’t really given much thought to—should one cut their own hair now or not? A plethora of features and short-form content followed; you may cut your bangs; no, not a good idea; follow the steps prescribed by experts; wet your hair first, maybe and so on. Then came the success stories and haircut fails, followed by an array of people using Twitter and Instagram to endorse (or reject) the new quarantine requirement. Trust me, it was enough to put anyone in a flux.

Who’s Looking!

For some folks, it’s a ‘no-worries’ fun thing. I have had people tell me that they were happy shaving off their short hair, a timeout to experiment for some, a relief from the sweltering heat for others. Shaving off locks also happens to be the new subject on the internet, the idea often a result of eagerness, curiosity, a growing mane and the unavailability of an open salon and in a few many instances, boredom. As one person I reached out to put it: “It’s just hair, it's going to be back soon and let’s face it, who is looking!” 

Is It Worth It?

Having those doubts and trouble settling on actually cutting your hair—bangs or otherwise—can be a dilemma. If you would rather rely on your hairstylist to sort it out for you soon or couldn't bear to mess up, be patient and stop eyeing that pair of scissors. Braid your hair instead, tie-it up in a neat bun, stop browsing through the internet for videos of people giving themselves a haircut and let your bangs be side-swept; the haircut can wait.

The Read Deal

Almost a month into the lockdown—with salons closed and likely to remain so for a few more days—managing your hair can get difficult at times. So here’s putting things into perspective—keep away if you aren’t sure and are feeling pressured, thanks to some trend. 

For amateurs (which is practically all of us), the result will not be what it is with experts, so if you have already made up your mind, know the possibility of getting it not right and keep your expectations in sync with it, whether it's a bit of trimming, managing your bangs or going all the way. And truth be told, that’s all right too, for you are not supposed to excel at it—just make it manageable. The silver lining? Being indoors for the next few days, which means a teensy bit of the scissor going here and there on your mane will be okay by the time you step out. Take it from someone who has been trimming their bangs for many seasons now; you will be fine. There are certain steps that could help, of course: if you are lucky to have a partner, ask for help. Check out a tutorial and most importantly, be patient. 

As for the Zoom meetings, in case you do mess up a little, excuse yourself from the video; we have all been there and a bit of hair trouble, especially now, is not the tragedy you may assume it to be!

Featured Image: Unsplash

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